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6 Different Ways to Curl Your Hair


Curly hair brings added dimensions to your face and a beautiful look for any occasion. If you have straight hair, there are a few techniques to curling your hair that you should know about. Each of these know methods will give you a different kind of curl. Depending on the look you are going for, decide which method is best for ...

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10 Cute Summer Hairstyles That Are Simple to Do


Now that the summer is here, it is the perfect time to pull back your hair and cool off. It doesn’t have to take a depending long time to create a fun summer look. Here are a few hairstyles that are simple and easy to do.   1. Twist a Piece of Hair and Pull it Back   Just take one ...

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6 Hair Brushes You Should Know About


There are so many different combs and brushes on the market, but which one is right for love your hair? Depending on whether you have straight hair or curly will depend on the kinds of brushes you need to use. Also, depending on the style you want to create will change which brush or comb you need to style your hair ...

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8 Ways to Care For Curly Hair


Do you have a love/hate relationship with your curly hair? When it looks beautiful and curly, you feel good about your hair. However, when it is frizzy and dry looking, you might consider shaving it all off. For many women that have curly hair, it seems a constant struggle to have bouncy curls that hold up and don’t frizz out ...

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Latest Bob Cuts & Hairstyles

Women Bob Hairstyles For Short Hair 2014

Stay beautiful and attractive in the middle of the crowd with the help of the famous bob cuts and hairstyles for this year. These haircut styles have amazing set of benefits to offer to all the women who are interested to become more attractive and gorgeous for their rest of their lives. Such hairstyles will never fail the expectations of ...

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Hot Retro Hairstyles to Try Out

Shaggy And Short Layered Cut

The Retro hairstyle is part of the hairstyle fashion industry. The trend in the hair style is occasionally changing. There are times that the old hair style will back. The classic and retro style is a very classy hairstyle. Many people especially celebrities love to incorporate retro hair style to their look and hair style whenever there are special events. ...

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